About Eden Grass

Eden Grass is creatively made to replicate natural grass. The deflection of light and incorporation of moss and hazel colours in the thatch layer of the artificial grass looks extremely realistic. We offer a range of durable artificial grass, which keeps incredible all year round with different characteristics to suit your every need. Eden is a top spec product and is designed with yarn technology enabling recovery after activity, with vibrant green tones.

Natural Appearance

Eden grass is developed using yarn technology enabling recovery after activity, with vibrant green tones giving you a luxury of a lush lawn.

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Safe for Kids

The artificial grass can improve safety with reduced impact injuries caused by a hard surface. It is also aesthetically pleasing and clean with no mud or dirt.

Easy to Install

Enjoy the best service from Eden Grass, the artificial grass professionals. Simply relax while our installation team transforms your lawn in a matter of days.

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Why Choose Us?

We work with reputed architects and landscape designers to transform dull area of your home to amazing garden. There is nothing better than seeing the transformation that takes place when we set to replacing a muddy, hard-to-keep lawn with a pristine artificial grass surface. When deciding on which artificial grass product to choose, it is important to remember that quality is the key. At Eden Grass, we provide the best in artificial grass technology and pride ourselves on having extensive experience in the field due to years of hard work and research.

We are the only Authorized Distributors in India

  • Rich and dense surface with natural appearance.
  • Better standing ability.
  • Excellent water retained performance with curved shape fiber.
Football turf is a surface of synthetic fibers made to look like natural grass creates consistent experience while playing.
Artificial grass is virtually maintenance free and is a perfect substitute for natural grass, hard balconies and terraces. Eden Grass offers a full landscaping and edging service to compliment the artificial grass.

Our Products

We are the world-class professional manufacturers of artificial grass. Our artificial grass products are the most innovative turf you can get in the market.

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Football Turf

Due to its resistance to weather, softness, non-abrasive fibers, performance and more intense use, it is the best alternative to natural grass.

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Landscape Grass

If you would love a lush lawn without having to water, mow, fertilise or weed, then artificial landscaping would be the best answer you're looking for.

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Play School

Multi-coloured synthetic grass is an ideal option for play schools and play areas. They are anti- bacterial, anti-static and heavy metal free.


Fibre clay pots

Plastic pot with stone finish

Our Work

We deal with artificial grass solutions for landscapes, playgrounds, gardens, balcony and interior decoration which is safe for environment, children and pets.

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The Advantages

Natural grass needs care and maintenance which is costly, but artificial grass is cost effective and requres low maintenance.

No Watering

The advantage of artificial grass is it dosen't need irrigation. But natural grass needs irrigation for its betterment

Low Maintenance

Artificial grass requires low maintenances because of its design and the materials used for developing the grass.

No Mowing

Artificail grass doesn't need mowing, and it always remains fresh. On the other hand it is very important for natural grass.

No Pesticides

Artificial lawn doesn't need pesticide. So it helps to protect the environment from pollution.

No Mud

Artificial grass keeps the yard green without any mud or dried up mud spots during the summer season.

No Fertilizing

Artificial grass doesn't need fertilization while it is mandatory for natural lawns for it's growth.

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